When a good man kills a good man, he places his generations under a burden beyond themselves. Ask King David, am sure he would have a lot to say. Now, do not get me wrong*, a good man is not one because his actions say so nor because people think so. He is one because God says so.

I pause and ponder, could all these have been averted? Yes I cannot help but respond. There is always something unpleasant about being at the right place at the wrong time.

It was his palace after all; yes the city was his to look upon from his rooftop but no the woman was not his to behold. Certainly she was not his either to sleep with, yet he did.

When a good man kills a good man more often the beneficiary of such actions sadly have or had no direct role to play in the cause of effects. I can only imagine what Bathsheba must have felt when she knew her husband was dead. Women do not have to have details to know . . . they simply just know. The thoughts that may have plagued her for days unending ‘I killed him’ ‘I who said I loved him’

One thing is certain, when a good man kills a good man, the Lord will not remain silent!

© 4th March 2014

*Local parlance for ‘do not misunderstand me’