Looking at the bills and projects in need of my money was sure daunting. Seriously my mind began flight mode, what extra can I do to raise more money cause I would sure need it. I promptly sent out messages to friends reminding them that I write so they can respond with jobs. Surely I have to be on top of this.

As I paused to listen to a message on ‘words’ I had a need to go back and put it in action. So I put the message on pause, picked up one of my devices and scrolled. As I spoke aloud the words within, my heart calmed down. Then I began to chide myself surely you know He is able. If for no other reason but the mere fact, that He has proved it from January right until now.

Looking back I must say all the curves I have experienced have come to challenge my spoken words. This helped me put it all in perspective – where they simply that: words? Or are they reality shapers? Calm and at ease I can say boldly: reality shapers.

Thankfully, the subtle intrusion was exposed and stopped.

© 13th March 2014.

Today is 26th day of May, 2014 began working on some of my projects. I am still learning and applying words in my daily living. The perfect extra I can do am yet to hold, the extras I’ve been doing are the same.