Woke up in the early hours of the morning, and felt some movement on my right elbow. Investigation with my phone light revealed a cockroach. My slippers promptly served the judgment on it. For good measure I left my slippers on it. I have come to see roaches die hard. They seem to be dead for a bit, and then off you see them moving after a bit. Turned over and decided a heavier shoe on my slippers on the dead roach would serve me well till morning.

Stay dead I thought as I dropped the heaviest of a leg of my shoe on my slippers for good measure. You see it’s easy for a dead roach to stay there. For a roach that didn’t exactly die that would be another matter. As a living sacrifice it’s not so straight that we stay dead. Sometime, often times we get up and go back to where we have died from: self.

Staying dead is a conscious deliberate lifestyle. It is a lifestyle which says to all ‘to please you o Lord, is what I live for’. Thus, we are enjoined to present out ‘sacrifice’ daily through the daily taking up of our cross which includes mortifying our flesh.

Oh for grace to stay dead daily to self.

© Itse Tosan 13th April, 2014.