A phone rang.
Heeled foot steps hurried from one end of the office to another.
Then came the mutter: why are our phones sounding alike? And I thought no, sit your butt down on your seat and the phones would not sound alike.

There is a knowing which comes from relationships which takes away every bit of similarity. In that place of familiarity you never mistaken one for another. You simply know. Though there might be similar traits, you always know how to discern that who you are familiar with from all others.

Thus, a saying which goes – there are truly no identical twins save to those who don’t know them. So it is with hearing God’s voice and being able to distinguish it from every other voice speaking. In the place of fellowship we get to God to the point where His voice would not be mistaken for another’s. Nor would another’s be mistaken for His.

Then again how my mind wanders from daily occurrence to the things that guide me. So now I remind myself – to know and know lies solely in the place of relationships and fellowship.

© 22 April , 2014.