A friend sent me a broadcast via what’s app with the aim of getting me to patronise her dental services. After we had talked of why I would not, I called her out on the contents of her broadcast. Stated my displeasure with its contents in a firm and loving manner. She ended by saying it did not originate from her, thus implying she should not be called out by me.

I recalled another contact on my bbm, had sent a similar broadcast with the same contents only the services he sought I patronise were different. So I copied my chat with my friend on my what’s app and pasted it on my bbm contacts’ chat for him to see.

As children of God, the life we live, the words we speak, our every action are ripples sent out. Some of the recipients we know, some we may never know, yet the influence is still the same. Thus we must live daily in that God consciousness, that all signals we send out point everyone who comes across it back to Christ.

We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth; this must be seen in all we do. I am so sure he probably did not envisage that his broadcast would be amended slightly and used by another. Yes, I did register my thoughts with him too the day I received the message (for those might be wondering).

Let all the ripples caused by our lifestyle daily and always point people back to Christ. You are an influence to people whether you are conscious of it and irrespective of it you have ever met them..

© 20th May 2014