As my pastor gave the word in the course of service this Sunday morning, he shared on the healing nature of Christ. He spoke of the fact that there is no record of Christ ever being ill and same with His disciples. That by virtue of His healing nature, He Christ’s body and garment healed people with infirmities –case to note the woman with the issue of blood. Thus, he opined that Christ was full of a healing nature and if Christ was to have sat on a chair, it is most likely all who would have sat there afterwards would have gotten healed of whatever ailed them.

“That is how we all are to be”, was the insight I got. Christ’s life was a show of the life that God desires all of His children to have. Look at the disciples who after Pentecost oozed healing, so much that handkerchiefs placed on them and then on the ill were a contact for healing. It is written as He is, as we are in the world. Thus as He has a healing nature so do we also.

Remember God has given unto us all that pertains into life and godliness. It is for us by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to live in the centre of God’s will to allow the full manifestation of who we are to show forth.
For greater works than Christ did we have been commissioned to do, this is fully achievable when we live a life totally surrendered to Christ.

© 1st June, 2014.

PS: In the wake of the man with Ebola in Lagos (who has since died) I would love that we who say we are Christ do not go about this in fear, neither live as ignorant people. Know also for certain there is nothing too hard for God, no ailment His broken body has not already healed. Ebola or no Ebola. If we are Christ, then we too have the healing nature of Christ. Walk in this consciousness.