There is a mentality in Nigeria that needs to be expunged all round. Standing on a bus queue waiting for my turn, a goon came shunting the line under the guise of greeting an old friend. Along with him came a female who looked and acted like she stole and was caught.

I thought to myself herein lies the problem in Nigeria, irresponsible youths with no character. People with no character in one area of their life most likely do not have it in another area. It is the same mentality that makes them act like it is okay to expect and celebrate mediocrity and even worse still have no expectations whatsoever.

It is the idea behind wanting the very best without investing or giving anything. The local parlance calls it smart, business wise etc. This I call the armed robber mentality. Nigeria would rise to her place, yup but we need to work on the mind-set and mentality of the average person on the street. With what we currently have, what we aspire to be might be a dream.

For at the end of the day, our mind sets and mentality shapes our reality.

© 30th June, 2014