It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of being one of them. Forgetting in split seconds we are different. One of a kind, thus we should desire to know what our purpose is and fulfil same. Yet, we easily desire to blend in with those around us. We fail in those moments to recall we were chosen and set apart from among those we suddenly seek to be like. To have what they have, do what they do and go where they go. In our quest to be just like one of them, we dishonour the choice God made in choosing us for Himself. We indirectly tell God, no we are not pleased that you chose us.

Oh how fast and quickly we tend to forget the things we ought not to. God had raised for Himself a nation after His love: Israel. Yet they quickly forgot all He had been to them and desired that which the heathen nation had.
In a choice they made a deep statement of displeasure and dissatisfaction with God. So seemingly insignificant a request, yet so sadly significant a desire. It could have been me. Yes, truly it has been me in moments I looked upon another not chosen and decided I too should be treated as they, forgetting the things of worth. Help me Lord to constantly with my choices and desire tell you first and the world second how glad and sure grateful I am that you chose me.

© 8th July, 2014