It all began with a problem: missing asses. Surely some days just come along with unforeseen packages. As with all situations and circumstances there are two views: the Spiritual and the physical.

S had been sent forth to find his father’s missing asses. S had been sent forth to anoint his Fathers choice of king. Both were about the duty of their fathers. In the course of the errand by their fathers, their paths would cross and the lives of both men would never be the same.

The younger S looked and operated through the physical. The older S looked and operated through the spiritual. Younger S went forth to find asses which were lost, he found asses and a call to be king over God’s people. He became the guest of honour at a gathering he knew nought about prior to then.

One thing that did strike me though was the fact that God never told the younger S the greater purpose He had called Him to. He left that to the old S to intimate him about. Was it due the dispensation? No, for prior to that, God had directly informed the concerned individuals of His plans for them.

Another day in the life of S turned out to be a day not so regular after all. For the younger S it was just his regular after all. For the younger S it was just his regular happenings for the older S it was a unique day, one where God who reveal the first king for His chosen.

One was aware of the alignment of their paths; the other knew not what the day held for him. Yet in the course of time as two men went about their father’s business, there was an alignment etched in time.

As we go about our Fathers business may we always see things first through His eyes and realise that we are called to operate in the spiritual first before the physical. Let’s walk with an expectancy, that today might just be the day there would be an alignment that would be etched in time.

© 9th July, 2014.