A king we want, just like every other nation has. That was all they desired. A simple request but a deep rejection.

Things are truly not always as they appear once we stay spiritually sensitive. To anyone the request of the children of Israel was but a small desire, one God could easily satisfy. For the spiritually discerning one they had stated in simple terms, a displeasure with His leadership style.

In the same breath they had commonised the calling and set apart status God had placed upon them. They had unknowingly disdained His choice of them, just as Esau disdain the birthright which belonged to the first born son.
We all find ourselves in this situation at some point in our lives. A time we desire what the other sister or brother has. We want to be treated in the way we perceive God treats them. In that moment we say to God unwittingly I don’t want to be chosen by you. We forget we’ve chosen to be special for His good pleasure.

We’ve been called to walk paths that few walk. The life we live is one that does not follow the bandwagon or the fads that erupt ever so often. We have been chosen out of the many to be the 12 and the 3. To live lives that point others back to Him who chose us and had distinctly differentiated us from every other.

© 12th July, 2014.