The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. No, they did not introduce themselves verbally as such; even after they were first called Christians. They did introduce themselves thus: by their way of life, by the way they spoke. For the people who they interacted with noted that they were like Christ.

As I read my Bible, I come upon a verse I have read numerous times over. It jumped on me and stalled my reading. ‘Every word of God is tried and purified’, Proverbs 30:5a (AMP).

Thus the word ‘every’, connotes all, that there is no exception, and no exclusions. The word ‘tried’ speaks of tests, that it has been proven after trials. ‘Purified’ is all about being flawless, no blemish, no dirt, and no ambiguity.

So I remember that because every single word of His is tried and purified, I can trust it. I can rely upon it. It’s my anchor through the waiting phase, knowing that it would end in praise. Then again, it is the standard. For as He is so are we, so I am.

The search light is turned upon me, can I say my words are tried and purified? Oh! for the here and there a careless chatter I have indulged in so often. For the unverified information I have passed along, only to back track upon verification.

So I sit calmly and humbly before Him, Who is not man that He should lie or repent. Help me make my words one which would not be lost in the course of a test or purifying process, I ask.

Let my words, be Christ like.

© 30th September, 2014