Now when they saw… and perceived… they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. Acts 4:13

Sometimes I notice immediately I begin to pick up mannerisms from people. Other times it hits me after someone point it out how I now sound like so and so. Funny, in some cases I would note that I have been around them a couple of hours.

The words iron sharpenth iron and a companion of the wise, take on flesh in me. I am who I associate with in every sphere of life. I realise that truly what goes on earth is but a dim shadow of the spiritual.

I know as I continually look unto God and into His perfect word, my countenance changes and eventually I would be just as He is. Moses face glowed after 40 days and nights with Him.

In all, who we are, is refined or roughened by our associations. The very first Christians were so titled not because of who they had always been, but due who they had become. Who they had become from associating with God in biblical parlance: abiding in Him

If we say we are Christ like, what does the world see in us? Do they see His boldness? Do they see His compassion? Do they see His singleness of mind? Do our life style and choices cause men to take knowledge that we are with Jesus?
God’s standard has not changed, nor will it ever change. For by our fruits we shall be known. So let’s abide in His Word, in the place of prayer, of fasting and surrender. Not chiefly that man may see no! But that He may be glorified and exalted.

That we may live as true sons of our Father ‘Abba’

© 30th September, 2014