The sun,

The moon

Were given for time and seasons

Somewhere in the mix of things,

Time took on scary looks,

As the now spirit got fed,

Time switched from ally to the other side

Somewhere in the mix

The blessings of wait became blur

With each desire and project I wondered,

How soon would He come through?

He looks at me and says ‘wait’.

Don’t you see? I wonder,

I know you care, you daily tell me so

Everything seems to scream now is the time

I flutter, unsure yet sure

For in you is me undiluted

But the now tug

It is heavy but I pull of the ropes that laden

He made it and said it is good

So I look for the ally time

And find I have grown

The fire didn’t burn me

Neither did I choke on the tears

Right in the choice to wait

The river called peace swept over me

Washed away my fears

I don’t have the physical manifestation…yet!

But I got me,

Wholly me

Unnerved in the strangest of places

According to the now spirit

In waiting

© 19th June, 2015.