Once upon a time, in a land years ago all the inhabitants of the earth had one language, one lingua franca.

Communication was at its best. Thus, they took joint decisions, lived as one big happy family, on a plain on earth.

One day, they decided to make brick and did so. I am sure they were pleased with the new discovery: that they were powerful as one.

So they took it to another level, they would build for themselves a city and a heaven scrapper. They decided that they would make a name for themselves, they would not replenish the earth- no. together they wanted to be. Thus, they began to work towards their plan.

Somewhere in the mix of the plans, they had forgotten the instructions for their life, which said “replenish the earth”. To replenish or fill the earth, staying in one plain would not serve. The oneness of tongue was perverted for the accomplishment and enthronement of self – make us a name.

Then came their Source, the Image of who they were. He gave them more languages, more lingua franca and sent them abroad from the plain to all the earth. In a flash, in a second their plans they left off for His plans.

No one is here on earth for their plan. We are all here for His plans. Discover His plans for you, if you haven’t yet, and walk therein.

This is the end of my story.

© 13th November 2015