Set in the Lands in Canaan and Mesopotamia is a story of oath, prayer, expectation and love.

An old man, who had lived a life more eventful than his contemporaries if he had any desired that his only son be married. He wanted that a wife be picked from amongst the kindred he had left behind years ago. Yet he desired that the son remain in Canaan.

A trusted servant, advanced in age, he had been a witness to the ways through which the old man’s life had taken for so many years. The bond of servant and master over the years placed him with understanding and access beyond, far beyond all other servants.

A son, on his fourth decade, living his life unaware like his forbear the need for a help meet. He was oblivious to the desire, them the plan and eventually to the proposal that got him married.

An old man with a desire and plan. A faithful servant with a mission, prayer and expectation. A son, a recipient of grace unending, unsought. Then a woman who found love.

It was a day like every other, same routine, same chore. It was a day like no other, for destiny came calling and the even was different.

Get him a wife from my kindred, yet do not take him there whatever you do. Surely the One who called me from them shall send His angel before you.
O God of my master grant me good speed, lead me aright, by this sign I shall know the kindness that thou has shown unto my master.

Lady may I have a drink? Drink my Lord and I will draw for camels.

The wait was long yet short. For at the last drink by the camels he know the Lord had prospered his journey. He held his peace. The sign was complete before he made the move.

No he didn’t try to help God once he perceived God’s kindness. He waited.
He prayed, before he finished praying the answer came. While the answer was being unravelled, he held his peace. He did not try to quicken the miracles, he waited.

There is a blessing in the holding of your peace, ask Sara

© 30th November, 2015.