Over the years I have come to embrace the fact that I am very opinionated. More often than desired it has given the impression that I am set in my ways. Recently, I had to decide if I was a solid or fluid.

People business is business with no rules. For we all have freewill. I encountered one I had not met before. It seemed like the actions had been lifted from a movie script. At every friction encountered I touted we are colleagues, thus I won’t give a hoot seeing that I can work with anyone without liking them or ever going beyond the professional ties.

I simply thought if it’s okay to act a witch, then its okay if I respond accordingly. What I would not say with my mouth, my eyes and body screamed. Yet it had not always been so. My emotions were more shocked than hurt. Surely life isn’t this tough

Then He began speaking, I shrugged it off, call your creature to order. From drops it became a drizzle: treat people better than they deserve. I was convinced I was being forcefully conscripted into a movie and was set to resist it.

Yet my husbandman won’t leave me nor let me be. With each clip from the clipper I realised I could not be solid. Head strong was no pleasing aroma and I sure had to decide me or Him, who is my life about? Love is easy when the person acts right by whatever measurement we use. Yet love is the call even when the person stands solid.

So I am embarking on a journey to treat people better than they deserve. I have no clue how but I know God has me. The fact I am certain in my highly opinionated way that their manifestation is “ewww” does not count.

© 22nd June, 2016