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I am learning, that things are not always how they seem. Then from a physical point of view, the view is always limited to the amount of information one has on any subject matter.

I am learning that the only clear way to judge a matter, to read a matter, to fully understand and appreciate a matter is through God’s view point.

Her husband died,
Her sons died
Surely this was a terrible thing. At this point, all sorts of opinions are given birth to: ranging from she’s a witch to the Lord is wrath with her.

The focus will be the men in her life died.
It likely would ignore the fact that she lives (assumption based on diverse scenarios from Nigeria)
She saw the hand of the Lord. Naomi saw the hand of the Lord. She read it to be against not for.

If the hand was against, why had death passed her for the sons? Why was she ‘chosen’ to live? Why was she alone ‘saved’? the way we read situations, circumstances and people directly influences the choices we make, the decisions we take and the way we relate.

What informs the way we read? Do we pause to question our own conclusions? Do we just read through the views of the acceptable? Do we just flow along?

Naomi had the benefit of hindsight for her reading. Elimelech did not for his reading.
As you read today, tomorrow, the day after and subsequent days, pause and ask yourself – am I reading this right?

I do know of One who can help you read right though. He is just a request away, feel free to ask Him when next you read, His name is Jesus.

© 17th June 2017.


All it took was two wards: it’s okay.
One would have imagined it brought comfort, alas! It brought nothing positive.

Questions were quickly raised in my mind. What is going on? Where is this coming from? I made personal attempts to apply the vantage point principle.

It did not work; the pictures being formed in my mind seemed pretty formidable.
I decided I would not talk about it, would pray it though. The prayers did calm me but it still wasn’t there.

In the course of my study a verse begged the question – Do you trust God? Do you trust Him enough to know He has got you, therefore nothing will move you?

One verse brought peace, the much needed calm I had sought for a bit. As I took heed to me, I declared; God I trust you – truly do, even in my mind.

© 27th November, 2016

PS: The hymn ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus is my song for the now and always.

In His words and wisdom
There’s safety, health and many years
Listen and obey His plea
For His principles He honours always

In His words and wisdom
There’s guidance for each day and situation
Let them lead you He says
For therein lies the protection you need

In His words and wisdom
There’s sight and light for every circumstance
Get it and guard it He advises
Then shall your path be straight and clear

In His words and wisdom
There’s all we need to know Him better
Know it and live it out always
For therein is our faith grown and His will revealed.

© 5th June 2016

Take up your arms and fight
Draw the battle line
Remember the violent take it by force
Everything is suspect, everyone is suspect
There are no grey areas
White or black, for me or against me

Don’t back down, don’t retreat
Victory lives at the end in sight
There is a crown to all who overcome
So I dig my heels in
I take my place, I do my bit
The battle is of the Lord
Fight I shall

© 22nd February 2016.

Alphabets, letters
Words, phrases and sentences
All tools of my creativity

Thought, spoken
Sang, written and exclaimed
All expressions of me

Or just one of it
It is a this or that daily
All choices constantly made

He spoke, it was
His thoughts established also
Thoughts words, words and thoughts
Tongue, mouth
Thoughts, heart and mind
All vehicles of my words

Gently, harsh
Loving, sweet bitter morsels
Foods I chew upon daily.

They are my now
My future and destiny
For in them is power still unravelling.

© 18th October, 2015
Copyrighted Itse Tosanwumi

Some days

I have no wish,

I am sure it’s by faith as I,

Even I cannot place my feelings,

God has been faithful to me

Daily I see His hand,

Right from my waking, until I sleep

There’s something about His presence

I find me

Bit by bit, I pick myself up.

As always I am surprised,

Situations and circumstances

Evoke a response new to me

I look for worry,

And anxiety and find it not.

There is a calm oozing from within,

New me is being unveiled,

As I bask in His presence, I am taken

I am His

I am lost unashamedly.

Always to be found

In you, at your feet,

Clutching tightly to you

To exhale and inhale you

Is all I need.

© 19th June, 2015

There is a mentality in Nigeria that needs to be expunged all round. Standing on a bus queue waiting for my turn, a goon came shunting the line under the guise of greeting an old friend. Along with him came a female who looked and acted like she stole and was caught.

I thought to myself herein lies the problem in Nigeria, irresponsible youths with no character. People with no character in one area of their life most likely do not have it in another area. It is the same mentality that makes them act like it is okay to expect and celebrate mediocrity and even worse still have no expectations whatsoever.

It is the idea behind wanting the very best without investing or giving anything. The local parlance calls it smart, business wise etc. This I call the armed robber mentality. Nigeria would rise to her place, yup but we need to work on the mind-set and mentality of the average person on the street. With what we currently have, what we aspire to be might be a dream.

For at the end of the day, our mind sets and mentality shapes our reality.

© 30th June, 2014