Or what woman who has 10 silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? Luke 15: 8

If does loses one coin…
Have you lost anything – divine health, physical property, peace of mind, joy…

Does not light a lamp
Have you opened God’s word? You never know how practical for daily living the word is until you open it. It is the light we use to see, to know how to respond per time, how to act.

Sweep the house and search carefully…
Word study always does good. To study the scriptures is setting up oneself to be well knowledge, to be learned in ways beyond your imaginations.

So I ask have you lost anything lately? Is there a void you’ve tried to fill but not yet has satisfied?
Open the word, go to the bible…. Do come back so I can rejoice with you upon your finding it.

© 8th December, 2016

We see them
Their service though invisible
We do see them

Communication we call them
Errand runners I have come to know
That’s what they are

Seeds they are
Sown to bear fruits of its masters
Seeds we see their fruits

None is truly empty
They carry weight: to heal or break
Weighty they sure are

Sometimes planting
Sometimes uprooting and destroying
Their purpose prospects

Gracious it is
Attractive too it is
Life it carries

© 27th November, 2016

All it took was two wards: it’s okay.
One would have imagined it brought comfort, alas! It brought nothing positive.

Questions were quickly raised in my mind. What is going on? Where is this coming from? I made personal attempts to apply the vantage point principle.

It did not work; the pictures being formed in my mind seemed pretty formidable.
I decided I would not talk about it, would pray it though. The prayers did calm me but it still wasn’t there.

In the course of my study a verse begged the question – Do you trust God? Do you trust Him enough to know He has got you, therefore nothing will move you?

One verse brought peace, the much needed calm I had sought for a bit. As I took heed to me, I declared; God I trust you – truly do, even in my mind.

© 27th November, 2016

PS: The hymn ‘Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus is my song for the now and always.

My purpose, the reason I am.
God’s purpose, His predeterminate plans
First a pattern – a sign, a principle, a wonder: that men may see and believe.

My life is not mine. My life is His – for His good pleasure and glory. My desires are mine submitted to His desires for good works. I am His workmanship created for Him.

Sometimes I get caught up in the thought that I am the end. For me He came, for my good pleasure He bled and rose. Yes, for me He came but for men to see Him in me and know that they too can be partakers of His mercy and pardon.

I am a piece of His woven pattern of good works, part of His Bride He daily washes with His words. The life I live is that of Christ who is my hope. Like Apostle Paul the mercy, grace, favour and love I am showered with is for a sign post – if He did it for Itse Tosanwumi, surely He will do it for you(me).

So I do not live for the onlooker but I live for His rising and calling that the onlooker may believe

For I am His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that I should walk in them.

20th November, 2016.

Leaving church on a Wednesday after service, my colleague and I got in her car and proceeded to join the lines exiting church. We noticed one of the gates had no queue or cars, and the other had quite a number of cars waiting to exit it, thus a queue.

We told the cars closest to the free exit gate about the gate but somehow they made no move to turn. After about 10 minutes in the same spot, as we could not move due other cars, we noticed one of the back cars, was now making a move to turn and use the free exit gate.

As we wondered what suddenly informed the decision of the back cars to turn, I told my colleague ‘that’s probably the way God looks at us sometimes and is wondering “how far”? with us.’

There are times God has opened a door for us and we stay fixed looking at another door expecting Him to come through for us that way. For there was a free exit gate and the cars queued to the other and stayed stuck in the traffic we had now created whilst there was a free one behind.

So often we stay stuck where God has not left us, ignoring the way He is leading us by and wondering why He hasn’t come through for us. May God open our eyes to see not daily but per time what He has for us and not get stuck in traffic we have unwittingly created.

17th May, 2015.

There is something beautiful about words taking on flesh – from a tap practically dripping which causes me to pause, notice the finer things and respond, from an unusual encounter with food vendors suddenly causing me to make a choice. I walked from to dark clouds which had gathered only releasing their tears as I got in the door of the house.

Nothing can be more special than the daily reminders that I am chosen, beloved and thought of by God. Just as a quilt of different materials, there are no inconsequential moments with my King. God is ever so involved in my details, weaving every situation, encounter into a beautiful end for His good purpose.

Every chanced meeting, an unexpected smile, every upset and emotional tear, He is right in the midst of it all, causing it to show forth His glory and miracle working hand. Thus, I can say with all confidence that all things are working together for my good. For I love God and I am the called according to His purpose.

And I know that all things work together for good to Itse Tosanwumi that love God, to me who is the called according to His purpose. Romans 8: 28

© 24th July 2016

Over the years I have come to embrace the fact that I am very opinionated. More often than desired it has given the impression that I am set in my ways. Recently, I had to decide if I was a solid or fluid.

People business is business with no rules. For we all have freewill. I encountered one I had not met before. It seemed like the actions had been lifted from a movie script. At every friction encountered I touted we are colleagues, thus I won’t give a hoot seeing that I can work with anyone without liking them or ever going beyond the professional ties.

I simply thought if it’s okay to act a witch, then its okay if I respond accordingly. What I would not say with my mouth, my eyes and body screamed. Yet it had not always been so. My emotions were more shocked than hurt. Surely life isn’t this tough

Then He began speaking, I shrugged it off, call your creature to order. From drops it became a drizzle: treat people better than they deserve. I was convinced I was being forcefully conscripted into a movie and was set to resist it.

Yet my husbandman won’t leave me nor let me be. With each clip from the clipper I realised I could not be solid. Head strong was no pleasing aroma and I sure had to decide me or Him, who is my life about? Love is easy when the person acts right by whatever measurement we use. Yet love is the call even when the person stands solid.

So I am embarking on a journey to treat people better than they deserve. I have no clue how but I know God has me. The fact I am certain in my highly opinionated way that their manifestation is “ewww” does not count.

© 22nd June, 2016