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Once a success
Blindsided us all
Second a failure
Bidded high

Growing and guiding
The call was is
Obedience our tool
Eyes opened

The advantage is ours
We enforce it daily
Walking in His will
No more surprises

Growth and loss
Good Evil Death Life
Parallel lines or a coin
We choose always

Test success
Real deal failure
The gates cannot prevail
Marching in our ranks.

© 7th July, 2017


I recall a song from my preteen years: ‘Come ye out now from amongst them, come ye out and be ye separate, says the Lord and touch nothing unclean, come ye out*’

The choice of friends, co-workers, neighbours we make, directly determines the quality of life one would have. Either a life of purpose or one of no purpose. Purpose in the sense of what God has called me to be, do and have. Excluding totally what we may have called ourselves to, or think we are called to.

Come ye out signifies a separation, calling by God unto good works and His purpose.

Abram received such a call. In the place of fully being out from his brethren i.e. Lot, came the word of God to him with the promise to keep in front.

At each point, he took partial steps to come him out, His purpose remained veiled. Thus he walked with a now the Lord had said instruction. The Lord said to Abram resumed upon full compliance with his separation. The ability to heed the call in total obedience was a huge step towards actualising his purpose.
Everyone of us has a come ye out call upon our lives. A call to be used by God for a specific purpose and to a specific people.

We are all vessels, fit and put together for a purpose. In the midst of everyone else, it is easy, oh so easy to flow with the tide and not recognise our purpose differs. In the place of separation, we clearly hear our call and the attendant promise and instruction. We receive our life’s baton when we opt to heed.

Generally, as vessels there is the come ye out from sin, come ye out from the scornful, come ye out of everything unpleasing to God, that ye may be vessels unto honour, fit for the Masters use.

*Song from Happiness Club, UNIPORT Branch.

© 2nd February, 2017

We come, we go. One moment here, the next moment there. The transient nature of life is ever so glaring these days. Stories of people who have been partakers of life’s events leave me wondering. Where they prepared? Prepared for Jesus coming? I always recall what a friend said once: – ‘The minute you die, for you Jesus has come.’ There has been a cross over.

On Monday I thought Nyanya bomb blast was terrible. I still do. The depth of the wrench in my heart was deep and true with a story I read. There an old man had remarked: “they have killed my future”. Today I see another sad news on a friend’s bbm status. RIP she says to a man only married last week, now dead today 18th April, 2014.

Again I wonder, did he know? Was he ready to meet his maker? Sad as it is, after all that is said and done what matters is the knowledge of us God has. Would he call us sons or workers of iniquity? Would there be a welcome for you in heaven should you die now? Or an ushering right in to hell? The way you claim to know God is it the way He God truly does know you?

Today there are still so many families affected and in mourning by Nyanya blast. Yes again, a young bride turned widow is out there struggle through a dark hour she did not envisage. Death hurts even when it’s obviously coming. It hurts a whole lot more when sudden. For the deceased what is important is not the suddenness of their exit, it’s their standing with their Maker.

Trust we know, that we are alive is not a sign of our righteousness or birth right. It could have been you, yes you but it was not. So today I ask you: does God call you son? If no, fix it now. Tomorrow you may not have.

In memory of the Nyanya victims and a certain young man.
© 18th April, 2014.