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In this era of social media bloom, where the world has become one big compound, who we follow is important.

The rate at which fads crop up is just as fast as the rate at which information goes viral. There are so many situations, so many courses, many fashion sense, raves and bandwagons calling out to us.

In this era of many voices and words, it takes depth to rightly discern who to respond to and who to follow back.

Suddenly the dividing lines of more, immoral seems a lot blurrier than it did years back. Things are now not really black and white as we knew them. It is a case of discerning between light and Light.

It is a whole lot easier to follow when the options range is between apples and oranges. It is however, a different exam when the option is between denomination revelation and God’s revelation with both sounding in the language of christianese*.

Oh! how much easier it would be if the medium of communication was not one you looked up to.

A passionate genuine please – see your sister, do as she has done. The sincere care and love beneath the plea was unfeigned. In hindsight for the ladies and as a lesson to us, do we see the vast contrast of the passionate plea and God’s purpose?

Ruth followed the God of Naomi in a daring defiance to the culture of her days. The popular opinion did not sway her, the choices of her peers did not colour her choice.

I probably may not fully comprehend the root of Ruth’s choice. One thing is sure, just as there is a Spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty which gives understanding and direction, who we follow, determines the way our lives will go.

© 17th June 2017.

Christianese* Christian language


On earth years and years ago, two cousins needed to stop living together for they had both grown individually in property and servants.

The Egbon gave his Aburo the choice of picking his location first. So he looked and saw a good land, a well-watered plain. It was so good that it was compared to be like the Garden of Eden. The first garden that ever was.

As far as he could see, it was just perfect for his flock and all. The choicest location in sight. There he moved. Before Maker, before God, the people of the good land were exceedingly wicked and sinful.

They were a sign of things to come. First they rebelled against the nation they were colonised by. In an ensuing war, they lost the battle. Aburo and all he had were taken captive. Egbon and his war men rescued Aburo and all he had.

Then came the judgement from God. Egbon’s intercession saved Aburo & his two virgin daughters. His loss included his married daughters, sons-in-laws, vast property, livestock and servants.

As far as Aburo had seen the best choice was taken by him. From God’s vantage point it was not. For people did determine the type of land it truly was.

As we make choices this day, may they be fully aligned with God’s sight and choice.

*It was recorded that we who would be years upon years after shall learn from it.

© 19th November 2015

“Then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan”

He chose, and based on what is described, he chose well. To the natural eyes, he really did chose well. His choice was measured by his sight – good land.

God saw the land, He also saw the people. Aha! God sees it all. The wickedness and sin of the men of the land Sodom was exceedingly before God.

The land of a good choice, by the people the same land was a wrong choice. For due the people, he choice got him Lot and all he had captive. Eventually, the people cost him all he had, even his wife.

What informs our choices? Who guides our choices?

Let the Lord lead us along the best pathway for our lives.

© 17th November, 2015

Today I went on a trip and watched as choices were made by a group of people. I came to the conclusion that, who we are in one aspect of our lives, spills over to every other aspect without warning. Over the years, I have come to realise that I am a task master. With a little patience for excuses of any sort, I demand the best from people I meet.

One thing struck me firmly; it is easy to decipher the character of people by small actions. Someone who is lackadaisical towards being on time for any activity is more likely to place no honour on words they speak. Seeing that actions override the words we speak most and generally; they are truly who we are. Thus, if you are careless in one area of life, you are most generally careless in all other areas of your life.

Timing has a role to play in the way we do what we do. Should we do a noble cause at the wrong time, the timing automatically defeats the purpose of the noble cause. Thus, a noble cause is not noble all alone; the time frame in which it is carried out is a defining factor of its nobility.

© 12th February 2014

God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but the Lord has given us the Spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind and discipline II Tim 1:7. To be afraid is sin because fear is a sign of the absence of faith. (By this I mean fear that has taken root in our hearts) For the Bible enjoins us to walk by faith and not by sight. And is it written: ’he who knows what to do and does not do it, unto him it is sin.

All times when fear is present, we are walking according to sight. We’re letting our circumstances speak over the Word. Fear is a sign that we are not trusting God to fulfil that which He has spoken to us, for at that point we are not looking at Him but at the waves. Matt 14:30. It is a sign that we are not trusting God then that He is who He says He is: I AM. The manifestation of the working of the Holy Spirit in me is also evidenced by the absence of fear.

For where fear is not, faith is and the work of the Holy Spirit finds an open channel or vessel to manifest to maximum. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Heb 11:6. Living in faith is not an alternative life style for a Christian BUT it is THE LIFE style of every Christian. It is our culture. When we walk by faith we walk in line with God’s will for living here on earth.
Thus having the eyes of our heart being enlightened, flooded with light Eph 1:18. Then we can boldly call forth those things that be not as though they were and I truly believe that they shall were.

We grow in faith through the Word. For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Wold of God. Rom 10:17. Faith is action before thought, not after thought. Thought in this sense is used to mean human reasoning. And human reasoning cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit. Faith in all of its workings is spiritual, which affects the physical daily.
The place of faith is where God reveals Himself. If the three (3) Hebrew men had not stepped into the fire, they would not have experienced the presence of the fourth man. Dan 3: 18-25

What we let into our heart, through the two doors of our eyes and ears determines in what side of the divide we will walk in. For just as faith is fed and nurtured by the Word of God, fear is fed by the natural senses, whichever we choose to believe or accept.

Who are you listening to?

07 September, 2013

Life or death; Blessings or Curses; Hot or Cold; White or Black; Day or Night; Joy or Sorrow; Love or Hate; Heaven or Hell; God or satan…

Always it will be one or the other; for there is no middle ground in the truest sense. For truth be told we can chose either God or satan, never the two. Thus, the neutral man, those who believe in grey areas or think they can serve God on their own terms i.e. lukewarm, are in truth on the divide of satan and would end up with him. Of them the Lord would say: ‘depart from me you workers of iniquity, I know you not’* hence He forewarns by the admonition: “Let all who name the name of the Lord, depart from iniquity.”

On this option (God or satan) is the basis for every other choice we make and have to make found. For every other choice point to the option we have taken.

A whole while back these options were presented to us by Him who knows best and loves us best. He said: ‘I place before you life and death chose life that you may live’.

Your future is the child of the choices you take today. This affects all spheres of life: education, habits formed, food, friends, hobbies…you just name it; even our future generations. And like my Father did so many years ago, today I ask again: what are your daily choices? Would it guarantee life abundant here and life eternal in the hereafter? Or death both now and after?

Choose —

26th September, 2013

Standing on the bus queue this morning after setting out late for a Monday, the length of the queue was somewhat scary. With no bus in sight we stood pensively on the queue. Silently I prayed “Lord please send us buses at least 5 of them”. As the first bus made its way into the park, I watched people leave the queue for those who would seat and move towards the standing queue. I then thought to myself— is it that they did not trust that God who had brought this bus would bring others to pick us?

I shrugged off the thought to join them. The second bus left, I still stood on the queue now with bemused thoughts as I watched people oscillate from the seating queue to the standing queue, and back again to the seating queue, one lady actually ended up going to stand in the second bus.

As simple as the actions looked, the choices they made pointed something out to me, by my choices I tell the world whether I trust God to come through for me or not. I trust God goes way beyond my saying those words.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart Proverbs 3:5

You will keep him in perfect peace whose heart is stayed upon you because he trusts in you Isaiah 26:3

© Itse Tosan 23rd April 2012

PS: My me interpretation of what happened on the bus queue that beautiful morning.