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In this era of social media bloom, where the world has become one big compound, who we follow is important.

The rate at which fads crop up is just as fast as the rate at which information goes viral. There are so many situations, so many courses, many fashion sense, raves and bandwagons calling out to us.

In this era of many voices and words, it takes depth to rightly discern who to respond to and who to follow back.

Suddenly the dividing lines of more, immoral seems a lot blurrier than it did years back. Things are now not really black and white as we knew them. It is a case of discerning between light and Light.

It is a whole lot easier to follow when the options range is between apples and oranges. It is however, a different exam when the option is between denomination revelation and God’s revelation with both sounding in the language of christianese*.

Oh! how much easier it would be if the medium of communication was not one you looked up to.

A passionate genuine please – see your sister, do as she has done. The sincere care and love beneath the plea was unfeigned. In hindsight for the ladies and as a lesson to us, do we see the vast contrast of the passionate plea and God’s purpose?

Ruth followed the God of Naomi in a daring defiance to the culture of her days. The popular opinion did not sway her, the choices of her peers did not colour her choice.

I probably may not fully comprehend the root of Ruth’s choice. One thing is sure, just as there is a Spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty which gives understanding and direction, who we follow, determines the way our lives will go.

© 17th June 2017.

Christianese* Christian language


Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. Gal 5:25

Living by, abiding, remain in me, walk by faith – these are Biblical semantics. As air is to man, the Spirit is to every child of God, He is not an option but the only pathway
To not follow Him, letting Him lead us daily in every area, is to choose death, wilfully. For He is the life we live here on earth and every step away from the leading of our “life” is one which takes us closer to death.
It’s in Him we, move and have out beings! We can never function perfectly as Gods kids out side of the Spirit, same way a bird cannot decide to live in water and survive.
Since we have been crucified with Christ and are dead literally, but alive in Christ and the life we live is His. The choice to do as we please, when we will is not open to us who are called children of God. Why? Everyone has freewill, yes everyone has freewill. The moment we became born again, born of the Spirit, accepting our fallen state of sinfulness and sought and found forgiveness in Christ, giving Him room to be Lord in our hearts and lifes, we were saying: to you i choose to give myself to as a slave unto righteousness – pierce my ear. It ceased to be about us in every sphere of life, and it became all about Him: Jesus Christ. Seeking His kingdom first and His righteousness. Hence, we became sacrifices…living sacrifices.
So daily we are to offer up ourselves: our desires, freewill, thoughts and follow the leading of the Spirit in all…spheres so we can function perfectly as slaves unto righteousness – pleasing unto the master in every good work.

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. Romans 8:14

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