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The power and authority
The power to heal

For the ones oppressed.
The ones still under the fear of death
It was the accompanying sign
Of the good news
Of the Kingdom of God

When it was given, the disciples were sent: from village to village, from town to town, that was all they had. No fanfare, no celebrity status, simply as they are they went.
You see the excellence of them was off Him not of themselves. Having nothing else besides what they had been given, it was easy to understand they were the vessels through which he touched them.

The gifting and talent
The gifts diverse

For the body of Christ
The edification of the saints of God
That we all might grow into Him
Showing forth His glory
Showing forth the kingdom of God

When He gave, it was that we all would yet function fully in our roles in the whole. For the whole is a beacon yet still. The blinding lights, the stage, were to point to Him never to the vessel.
You see the excellency is not of the possessor of the gifting. It is a pointer, a sign post to the One over All and above all. That men may see and be drawn to Him. Not to create super stars as the world.

© 8th January, 2017


In the place where God has positioned you, you will always be an answer to someone’s question or confusion or have the solution needed for the situation. This brings to bear one key thing – it aint about you! Yea not the skill, not the giftings but it’s about Him… pointing men to Him.

For when we give expression to that which God has placed in us – men glorify God.Thus He has enjoined us to let our light so shine before men, that they may see our good deeds and praise our Father in heaven.

Pharaoh saw Joseph’s light and gave God glory, Israelites saw David’s light and gave God glory. Babylonian kings saw Daniel’s light and gave God the glory… from Genesis to Revelation the list is pretty long.

I dare to say that the “light” they all saw is the giving of expression to the skills and giftings in us which point men to the Awesomeness of God… when our skills is an answer, a solution, an interpretation to anthers questions, confusion and dream.

© March 3rd, 2013.

There ain’t random happenings. No there are no such things as coincidences. Purpose. Reason. Answer. Everywhere we find ourselves is never in vacuum.

Daniel was always in places where his skills and gifts were fully explored and experienced. Same with Joseph, David, Elisha, Elijah, Moses, Paul, Peter etc.

Thus, we are built for purpose which is not to be given expression in certain places but all places that God has placed us.

As we begin the 3rd month, never pass an opportunity to give expression to the skills and giftings God has placed in you, in us. For in so doing we glorify God and cause men to glorify Him also.

Nothing is ever random

© March 3rd, 2013.

Beyond your skills and gifts, who is in you? This is soo important, for it either attracts or repeals people. It determines where you would go in life and how long you would be relevant in any place. For the who in you distinguishes the workings of the skills and gifts.

Daniel had the gifts of interpretation of dreams and visions. He had a knack for them. For the years Israel was in the 70 years captivity, Daniel served before different kings who ruled during those years.


They recognised the Who that was in him: an excellent spirit, the Spirit of God. This alone set Daniel apart from his peers and colleagues (Astrologers, princes etc)

For they (the people around him) saw the workings of the Who in Daniels inside and recognised it. Even to the glorifying of the Who. The Who on his inside distinguished him for greatness even as Daniel consistently gave glory to Him for the workings of the gifts.

March 3rd, 2013.