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I am learning, that things are not always how they seem. Then from a physical point of view, the view is always limited to the amount of information one has on any subject matter.

I am learning that the only clear way to judge a matter, to read a matter, to fully understand and appreciate a matter is through God’s view point.

Her husband died,
Her sons died
Surely this was a terrible thing. At this point, all sorts of opinions are given birth to: ranging from she’s a witch to the Lord is wrath with her.

The focus will be the men in her life died.
It likely would ignore the fact that she lives (assumption based on diverse scenarios from Nigeria)
She saw the hand of the Lord. Naomi saw the hand of the Lord. She read it to be against not for.

If the hand was against, why had death passed her for the sons? Why was she ‘chosen’ to live? Why was she alone ‘saved’? the way we read situations, circumstances and people directly influences the choices we make, the decisions we take and the way we relate.

What informs the way we read? Do we pause to question our own conclusions? Do we just read through the views of the acceptable? Do we just flow along?

Naomi had the benefit of hindsight for her reading. Elimelech did not for his reading.
As you read today, tomorrow, the day after and subsequent days, pause and ask yourself – am I reading this right?

I do know of One who can help you read right though. He is just a request away, feel free to ask Him when next you read, His name is Jesus.

© 17th June 2017.


Over the past couple of weeks spanning into months, I’ve been learning about authority and obedience. It has been quite revealing to me I must say. The beauty though comes forth brightly as I live out my learning daily, not only at home but also at work. My normal reaction to certain circumstances, I’ve begun to question in the light of my new insight. Truly the entrance of the Word brings light. Where there is light, change and transformation are sure.

We learn each day is a popular saying which has taken on a new meaning or more or less become more real to me. With each aspect of authority and obedience i learn, there is an occasion almost immediately for me to put same in practice. Just as I have questions which seek for balance, the answers come. The word as concerns my ongoing learning is being made flesh in my day to day living.

You must agree with me, that the beauty of the theory (learning) is always in its practice (living). That is the function of living Word, that it be made alive in our day to day life. Grow from rhema into experiential knowledge. It is not enough to learn and thus know what the Word says. Rather in the living out of what we have learned we walk in line with God’s agenda. For He had said: follow me (learn of me) and I will make you (you’d live it out) fishers of men (my paraphrase of the verse).

As you learn, never fail or miss an opportunity to live same out, even in the course of learning.

© Itse Tosan 4th March 2012.