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We have a greater covenant
Yes, I have a greater covenant
The finished work at Calvary

By it I have the assurance
His words shall STAND, they shall be
Yes, yes Promise Keeper is who He is

I know it shall be, because of Calvary
Yes, I know because the word became flesh
That I, yes even I might live in His power.

© 9th February, 2017


The power and authority
The power to heal

For the ones oppressed.
The ones still under the fear of death
It was the accompanying sign
Of the good news
Of the Kingdom of God

When it was given, the disciples were sent: from village to village, from town to town, that was all they had. No fanfare, no celebrity status, simply as they are they went.
You see the excellence of them was off Him not of themselves. Having nothing else besides what they had been given, it was easy to understand they were the vessels through which he touched them.

The gifting and talent
The gifts diverse

For the body of Christ
The edification of the saints of God
That we all might grow into Him
Showing forth His glory
Showing forth the kingdom of God

When He gave, it was that we all would yet function fully in our roles in the whole. For the whole is a beacon yet still. The blinding lights, the stage, were to point to Him never to the vessel.
You see the excellency is not of the possessor of the gifting. It is a pointer, a sign post to the One over All and above all. That men may see and be drawn to Him. Not to create super stars as the world.

© 8th January, 2017

We see them
Their service though invisible
We do see them

Communication we call them
Errand runners I have come to know
That’s what they are

Seeds they are
Sown to bear fruits of its masters
Seeds we see their fruits

None is truly empty
They carry weight: to heal or break
Weighty they sure are

Sometimes planting
Sometimes uprooting and destroying
Their purpose prospects

Gracious it is
Attractive too it is
Life it carries

© 27th November, 2016

Alphabets, letters
Words, phrases and sentences
All tools of my creativity

Thought, spoken
Sang, written and exclaimed
All expressions of me

Or just one of it
It is a this or that daily
All choices constantly made

He spoke, it was
His thoughts established also
Thoughts words, words and thoughts
Tongue, mouth
Thoughts, heart and mind
All vehicles of my words

Gently, harsh
Loving, sweet bitter morsels
Foods I chew upon daily.

They are my now
My future and destiny
For in them is power still unravelling.

© 18th October, 2015
Copyrighted Itse Tosanwumi

Genesis 22: 5
We will worship and then we will come back to you

The words we speak tell if we walk by faith or by fear. They are prophecies always of our future. When we speak, we send forth words into our future that shape the way our future is patterned.

Sometimes it is a subconscious utterance, sometimes it is a conscious utterance, yet it comes back to us in our future, when Abraham took a journey in obedience to God’s command to go sacrifice Isaac his words depicted a subconscious faith that with God all things are possible.

When Joseph’s brothers sought to do him harm and yet spoke (prophesied) ‘let’s see what becomes of his dreams.’ they were words spoken in ignorance of the workings of God. Yet the words still possessed the powers all words have: our ability to eat of them Proverbs 18:21; for they did indeed see what became of his dreams in their future.

The words you speak today, knowingly, unknowingly, nonchalantly are all prophesies unto your own future. You shall indeed eat of them at some point in your future.

What are you speaking into your future?

© 12th October 2013.

God said… and He saw
Jezebel spoke… and Elijah Saw

As cliché as it sounds, there is power when people speak. The depth of the power is scary in some degrees and quite a faith booster on the other hand; Ça depends on your vantage view.

It’s scary when I pause to think that someone who is not God, not me and does not want the best for me speaks and I “just” might see it. #declaring – all evil speakers are silenced Amen. The wisest man recorded that life and death lies in the power of the tongue…

As a faith booster it encourages me declare the truth I find daily in His Word… watching them take on flesh in my life pushes me to keep speaking over my life and all that concerns me and those around me.

When we speak, we do create the visible out of the invisible; the physical out of the spiritual. The power of our words cannot be over emphasised. What are you speaking into your life, your tomorrow, your career, your purpose… and who are you letting speak into your life and future? Know this for sure, you will see it.

© 18th March 2013.