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There is no one path that fits all. What is right for Mr A is not absolute right for Misters B, C, D or Z. every path is fitted for purpose, every purpose determines the path.

That a path is popular does not mean it is meant for you. The fact that a path is popular does not mean it is not meant for you. However, the reason you are on earth, determines the path wherein you are to walk.

Culture, religious affiliation, background are not the determining factors of the path you should walk. The purpose of God according to election concerning you is the determining factor.

Everyone is walking a particular path is not your ‘yardstick’. In the matter of your path, purpose determines what is right or wrong.

© 17th of June 2017


For this cause left I thee in PAG, in HOTR, in LMGC/RCGC, in LoveWorks, in Lagos, in Nigeria, on earth.

For this cause – do you know the cause for which you are living? If yes, are you walking therein? If no, surely you will want to know your “for this cause”.

Thankfully, we have a Father who delights to let us know our for this cause. He is ever willing to share same. So I invite you to take out time today and ask Him what your for this cause is for every aspect of your life. His word would guide you, His Spirit will lead you.

I do pray at the end of our days, when our Father is having the final appraisal with us, we would find ticked every one of our for this cause in our target form.

© 20th February, 2017

I recall a song from my preteen years: ‘Come ye out now from amongst them, come ye out and be ye separate, says the Lord and touch nothing unclean, come ye out*’

The choice of friends, co-workers, neighbours we make, directly determines the quality of life one would have. Either a life of purpose or one of no purpose. Purpose in the sense of what God has called me to be, do and have. Excluding totally what we may have called ourselves to, or think we are called to.

Come ye out signifies a separation, calling by God unto good works and His purpose.

Abram received such a call. In the place of fully being out from his brethren i.e. Lot, came the word of God to him with the promise to keep in front.

At each point, he took partial steps to come him out, His purpose remained veiled. Thus he walked with a now the Lord had said instruction. The Lord said to Abram resumed upon full compliance with his separation. The ability to heed the call in total obedience was a huge step towards actualising his purpose.
Everyone of us has a come ye out call upon our lives. A call to be used by God for a specific purpose and to a specific people.

We are all vessels, fit and put together for a purpose. In the midst of everyone else, it is easy, oh so easy to flow with the tide and not recognise our purpose differs. In the place of separation, we clearly hear our call and the attendant promise and instruction. We receive our life’s baton when we opt to heed.

Generally, as vessels there is the come ye out from sin, come ye out from the scornful, come ye out of everything unpleasing to God, that ye may be vessels unto honour, fit for the Masters use.

*Song from Happiness Club, UNIPORT Branch.

© 2nd February, 2017

The union (if I may use that word) of any two individuals is important.

Who you walk with is key. Who you run with is key. The outcome of your life and all that concerns you rests on this. How you choose your partners is key too.
Relatives we cannot choose generally but should we decided to work with them, live with them, we have chosen.

More than we might realise, God is interested with whom we partner: – in our businesses, in ministry, in relationships broadly and most definitely marriage.
For each partner, there would be a corresponding instruction and leading. Where to go, who to go the journey with, why you should go the journey together.

God is purposeful, in all of His ways, nothing has ever been done by God without purpose. The partners we pick or are picked by must be ones of purpose. Purpose that gladdens God’s heart, partners that are pleasing unto God, made just for the scenario.
When you think partners, think – suitable, comparative to, equally yoked, helpmeet, approved of God.

© 02 February, 2017

My purpose, the reason I am.
God’s purpose, His predeterminate plans
First a pattern – a sign, a principle, a wonder: that men may see and believe.

My life is not mine. My life is His – for His good pleasure and glory. My desires are mine submitted to His desires for good works. I am His workmanship created for Him.

Sometimes I get caught up in the thought that I am the end. For me He came, for my good pleasure He bled and rose. Yes, for me He came but for men to see Him in me and know that they too can be partakers of His mercy and pardon.

I am a piece of His woven pattern of good works, part of His Bride He daily washes with His words. The life I live is that of Christ who is my hope. Like Apostle Paul the mercy, grace, favour and love I am showered with is for a sign post – if He did it for Itse Tosanwumi, surely He will do it for you(me).

So I do not live for the onlooker but I live for His rising and calling that the onlooker may believe

For I am His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that I should walk in them.

20th November, 2016.

There is something beautiful about words taking on flesh – from a tap practically dripping which causes me to pause, notice the finer things and respond, from an unusual encounter with food vendors suddenly causing me to make a choice. I walked from to dark clouds which had gathered only releasing their tears as I got in the door of the house.

Nothing can be more special than the daily reminders that I am chosen, beloved and thought of by God. Just as a quilt of different materials, there are no inconsequential moments with my King. God is ever so involved in my details, weaving every situation, encounter into a beautiful end for His good purpose.

Every chanced meeting, an unexpected smile, every upset and emotional tear, He is right in the midst of it all, causing it to show forth His glory and miracle working hand. Thus, I can say with all confidence that all things are working together for my good. For I love God and I am the called according to His purpose.

And I know that all things work together for good to Itse Tosanwumi that love God, to me who is the called according to His purpose. Romans 8: 28

© 24th July 2016

Once upon a time, in a land years ago all the inhabitants of the earth had one language, one lingua franca.

Communication was at its best. Thus, they took joint decisions, lived as one big happy family, on a plain on earth.

One day, they decided to make brick and did so. I am sure they were pleased with the new discovery: that they were powerful as one.

So they took it to another level, they would build for themselves a city and a heaven scrapper. They decided that they would make a name for themselves, they would not replenish the earth- no. together they wanted to be. Thus, they began to work towards their plan.

Somewhere in the mix of the plans, they had forgotten the instructions for their life, which said “replenish the earth”. To replenish or fill the earth, staying in one plain would not serve. The oneness of tongue was perverted for the accomplishment and enthronement of self – make us a name.

Then came their Source, the Image of who they were. He gave them more languages, more lingua franca and sent them abroad from the plain to all the earth. In a flash, in a second their plans they left off for His plans.

No one is here on earth for their plan. We are all here for His plans. Discover His plans for you, if you haven’t yet, and walk therein.

This is the end of my story.

© 13th November 2015