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Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. Titus 1: 15

The way people see life and others is generally coloured by who they are: – their character, experiences, choices et al. Thus, you find that it is easy to interpret another’s actions and words through self-knowledge i.e. who you are.

Our purity or otherwise depends on our source, knowing our roots and drawing on it. A branch draws its existence from its roots. Children of God are the branches of the True Vine – Christ Jesus.

As children of God, vessels here on earth for His glory, there is a better and higher way through which we should see and interpret people and circumstances. It is the God way – how He sees. Through His eyes if I may use that phrase. This calls for tolerance (I am sure still growing in this), patience. It demands we remember the weak and the strong be related to differently.

We are to take people out of the box we place them in. Boxes in our minds, built by our idiosyncrasies, understanding, knowledge and experiences.

Daily renewal of our mind with God’s word is the antidote for seeing people through who we are. For it shows us who we are, we are images of Christ Jesus, siblings with God the Son, His workmanship unto good works. Thus, the way He is, is our standard and blue print. The more we align with God, the more He increases in us and self-decreases. Then we would find it easier to see people, circumstances as He God sees them

© 27th February, 2017


A friend and I got into a friendly banter on blackberry messenger chat this morning. Had requested that she bring African salad for me to rehearsals on Saturday by 7am, to which she said impossible.

Told her there’s no such thing as impossible, and she said otherwise. As we bantered, she then stated it exists in her dictionary as it is impossible to serve the devil.

As i told her that it was a possibility but one we do not wish to attain, she then listed impossibilities: bow to the devil, road prostitution, murder. I then requested she define murder and she said taking another’s life willingly.

At this point everything had taken on a different view point for me. It was no longer about the banter, but about how I saw things. I shared murder as defined by Matthew 5:22. The question at that point to me was: whose definition are you using?

You see as children of God, we are called to live for Him, His purpose. As His ambassadors our marching orders are based on what obtains in heaven. For we are in this world but not of it. We are sons of God because we are led by the Spirit.

For who defines our words, shapes our choices, actions and invariably our lives. How we see defines how we receive and how we get. So the real question regarding my everyday seconds is an expression of whose definition I am guided by.

Today with each choice and decision you make, remember the definer determines your future.

© 22nd October, 2015