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We have a greater covenant
Yes, I have a greater covenant
The finished work at Calvary

By it I have the assurance
His words shall STAND, they shall be
Yes, yes Promise Keeper is who He is

I know it shall be, because of Calvary
Yes, I know because the word became flesh
That I, yes even I might live in His power.

© 9th February, 2017


We see them
Their service though invisible
We do see them

Communication we call them
Errand runners I have come to know
That’s what they are

Seeds they are
Sown to bear fruits of its masters
Seeds we see their fruits

None is truly empty
They carry weight: to heal or break
Weighty they sure are

Sometimes planting
Sometimes uprooting and destroying
Their purpose prospects

Gracious it is
Attractive too it is
Life it carries

© 27th November, 2016

In His words and wisdom
There’s safety, health and many years
Listen and obey His plea
For His principles He honours always

In His words and wisdom
There’s guidance for each day and situation
Let them lead you He says
For therein lies the protection you need

In His words and wisdom
There’s sight and light for every circumstance
Get it and guard it He advises
Then shall your path be straight and clear

In His words and wisdom
There’s all we need to know Him better
Know it and live it out always
For therein is our faith grown and His will revealed.

© 5th June 2016

Alphabets, letters
Words, phrases and sentences
All tools of my creativity

Thought, spoken
Sang, written and exclaimed
All expressions of me

Or just one of it
It is a this or that daily
All choices constantly made

He spoke, it was
His thoughts established also
Thoughts words, words and thoughts
Tongue, mouth
Thoughts, heart and mind
All vehicles of my words

Gently, harsh
Loving, sweet bitter morsels
Foods I chew upon daily.

They are my now
My future and destiny
For in them is power still unravelling.

© 18th October, 2015
Copyrighted Itse Tosanwumi

The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. No, they did not introduce themselves verbally as such; even after they were first called Christians. They did introduce themselves thus: by their way of life, by the way they spoke. For the people who they interacted with noted that they were like Christ.

As I read my Bible, I come upon a verse I have read numerous times over. It jumped on me and stalled my reading. ‘Every word of God is tried and purified’, Proverbs 30:5a (AMP).

Thus the word ‘every’, connotes all, that there is no exception, and no exclusions. The word ‘tried’ speaks of tests, that it has been proven after trials. ‘Purified’ is all about being flawless, no blemish, no dirt, and no ambiguity.

So I remember that because every single word of His is tried and purified, I can trust it. I can rely upon it. It’s my anchor through the waiting phase, knowing that it would end in praise. Then again, it is the standard. For as He is so are we, so I am.

The search light is turned upon me, can I say my words are tried and purified? Oh! for the here and there a careless chatter I have indulged in so often. For the unverified information I have passed along, only to back track upon verification.

So I sit calmly and humbly before Him, Who is not man that He should lie or repent. Help me make my words one which would not be lost in the course of a test or purifying process, I ask.

Let my words, be Christ like.

© 30th September, 2014

Time and again I am reminded that the word of God is life, it is much more than words. It is something that can be seen and in some cases felt as well.

Before the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us, men had begun seeing words even as their Father first saw words. From the law of first mention we knew that God spoke and then He saw all He spoke. It is recorded that it was good.

God saw His words, Saul was shown God’s words, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, the disciples and apostles all saw God’s words. Question: have you seen God’s words? Do you see it regularly? May I pause here and state: all God has spoken to you when you see it, it will be good.

God has given us patterns in His word, first with Himself and then with a host of other witnesses that His words should be seen not by a select few but by all. For we who say we have been called by Him when we see His words to us it is for good. To those who live unto their flesh when they see His words it for harm.

Spend time in God’s word, spend time with God’s word, seeing God’s word should not be a luxury but a life style. For God’s words can be seen and are for good.

© 09 July, 2014

A friend sent me a broadcast via what’s app with the aim of getting me to patronise her dental services. After we had talked of why I would not, I called her out on the contents of her broadcast. Stated my displeasure with its contents in a firm and loving manner. She ended by saying it did not originate from her, thus implying she should not be called out by me.

I recalled another contact on my bbm, had sent a similar broadcast with the same contents only the services he sought I patronise were different. So I copied my chat with my friend on my what’s app and pasted it on my bbm contacts’ chat for him to see.

As children of God, the life we live, the words we speak, our every action are ripples sent out. Some of the recipients we know, some we may never know, yet the influence is still the same. Thus we must live daily in that God consciousness, that all signals we send out point everyone who comes across it back to Christ.

We are the light of the world and the salt of the earth; this must be seen in all we do. I am so sure he probably did not envisage that his broadcast would be amended slightly and used by another. Yes, I did register my thoughts with him too the day I received the message (for those might be wondering).

Let all the ripples caused by our lifestyle daily and always point people back to Christ. You are an influence to people whether you are conscious of it and irrespective of it you have ever met them..

© 20th May 2014